Two Brits and a Saffa walk into a bar…

Josh, Dave and Matt form the core of Nomographic’s service offering which covers all aspects of producing engaging video content. First, we aim to have a clear understanding of our clients’ goals. With that we are able to develop the concept, put together storyboards and push the art direction to suit the messaging. Once the plan is set we go into production which is either a live action shoot or an animation (and often a combination of both). The last phase is putting it all together and that’s when the project starts to come alive with the edit, visual effects, audio and a thorough dose of spit and polish. No matter the type or scale of your project, we can adapt to get it done.

Nomographic Directors

Matt, Dave and Josh form the core of Nomographic’s service offering.

Nomographic is the culmination of hard work, ambition and creative energy. It is an extension of our personalities as we’re passionate about storytelling, scrappy when we need to be and have a penchant for a curried brekkie every once in a while.

So, what do we actually do?

Good question! A generous mix of animation, motion graphics, live action crewing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, vfx, editing, colour correction & grading, design, art direction, audio and much more.